How Can Counselling Help You?

Counselling is a process designed to help you clarify and resolve issues affecting your life. The aim is to help you access skills and insights so that you can live life to the fullest and engage in lasting and meaningful relationships.

This process can be very effective for individuals, couples, families and children and may often be all that is needed for resolving workplace and family disputes.This is because the process of counselling can empower individuals to find solutions themselves, without the necessity for mediation.

Being well-connected with oneself and others and being in good relationships of all kinds contributes to a person’s sense of well being and good disposition.

Due to a myriad of life factors, it sometimes happens that individuals come to feel from an early age that they are outsiders, alone, different, misunderstood, and unable to feel close and connected. In adulthood this may be experienced as anxiety, depression, addiction, shyness and/or a lack of confidence.

Seeking support from an empathic and non-judgemental health professional can make all the difference and may enable you to find ways to lead a life with greater contentment, fulfilment and better-connected relationships.

Couples Counselling    $200 per session (does not presently attract GST)
Individual Counselling  $180 per session (does not presently attract GST)
Work with Children   $170 per session (does not presently attract GST)

Medicare and Private Health Fund rebates may be applicable.