Children’s Services

Does your child appear to be:
  • Shy or hyperactive?
  • Having attention difficulties?
  • Trying hard but not achieving that well?
  • Having difficulties with reading, writing or maths?
  • Struggling with social interaction or classroom participation?
  • Finding homework time or keeping to a routine to be stressful experiences?
  • Experiencing problems with change?
  • Displaying low resilience in setback situations?

At LearningSensations, we believe that the early years are crucial for our children’s development into happy, healthy and confident beings that can find and pursue their passions and form healthy and long lasting relationships with peers, family and others around them. We offer learning programmes most of which are based on overcoming areas of difficulty and supporting a child’s needs, strengths and passions:

Assessments for:
  • Autism (FaHCSIA funding may apply)
  • Attention difficulties
  • Learning difficulties
  • Sensory Processing difficulties
  • Learning Strengths and Learning Styles
Individually tailored training programmes or groups:
  • Learning Intensives
  • Attentioner (see Jacobs & Peterman)
  • Interactive Metronome
  • Integrated Sound Therapy
  • Left-Right Brain Integration Exercises
  • Support with reading, writing and coordination