Goodwill Relations provides counselling and family law mediation services (60I certificate) for individuals, couples, families and their children.

Family life and relationships can each be full of difficulties, no matter how hard you try. Sometimes a couple might decide the best option is a separation. So it can be a relief to find someone with the right mix of skills and experience to help you.

At Goodwill Relations, we can help you to rebuild your relationship or where necessary, help you with a separation and all the associated issues such as Parenting Plans and maintaining an amicable relationship post-separation when children are involved.

Goodwill Relations provides the following services from its Inner West Sydney practice:

Counselling for Families: Family Therapy · Parent Coaching · more
Counselling for Couples: Relationship Counselling · Conflict Management · more
Counselling for Individuals: Counselling · Assertiveness Training ·more
Counselling for Children with challenges such as: Behavioural Difficulties · Sensory Modulation & Reactivity · more
Mediation: 60I Certificate · Separation · Divorce · more